Question: How tight should weight distribution bars be?

How tight should a weight distribution hitch be?

The answer to the question- *if* the hitch is properly set up to begin with, the bars should be tight enough that the front and rear of the tow vehicle drop the same amount, because the purpose of the hitch is to take the weight of the hitch and divide it equally between the front TV axle, the rear TV axle, and the

What happens if your sway bars are too tight?

If it is too tight then when you turn it will make a lot of noise (some noise is common) and it may get damaged when you turn. Start out moderately tight and if you experience sway still tighten it a little more. You want to make small changes, test, and repeat until you get it just right.

How tight do you tighten sway bar end links?

Tighten the sway bar link nut using a combination wrench to hold the bolt head and a torque wrench and socket to tighten the nut. Use caution when tightening the link: it only requires light torque, typically 10 to 20 foot-pounds.

Do anti roll bars work?

In fact, for racing and road performance, the anti-roll bar is a “good thing” and there are no downsides – only limitations as to how stiff you can go, just the same as there are limitations as to how stiff you can go with the suspension springs in your car.

Do friction sway bars really work?

They come in a right-hand or left-hand application and one or both can be used for additional sway protection. Friction sway control bars are cost-effective but interfere with the trailers ability to turn, so they need to be removed when backing up or driving in slick conditions.

Should I grease my weight distribution bars?

The friction surfaces of the head should be kept clean and well lubricated with a good quality multi-purpose or bearing grease. These are the surfaces where the arm sockets rub against the top and bottom plates of the head. It is not necessary to apply grease to the L-brackets on any hitch model.

Do sway bars affect steering?

Since the stabilizer bar links are attached to the lower control arm, steering and handling are also negatively impacted when they begin to wear out. The steering wheel will appear to be loose, and the body will sway from left to right more due to the fact that the stabilizer bar links and bushings are wearing out.

Should sway bars be tightened under load?

It all depends on the sway bar bracket bushings - whether they are made of rubber or if they are greased polyurethane. If they are rubber, and you tighten the bracket bolts, then they wont give and your rear end may be too high. If they are greased then the rear will probably settle after a mile of driving.

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