Question: Why are Aries hard to date?

Aries are super independent, and will not tolerate being told what to do. Because of that, they like to make decisions for themselves and are generally not interested in being told their decision was wrong. Sure, this can make Aries seem difficult, but being stubborn is always both a good and bad thing.

Why shouldnt you date an Aries?

You have emotions. It bugs you when your Aries boo splits because youre 5 minutes late. It hurts when they roll their eyes and tell you to stop being “clingy”. Its not that Aries boo doesnt care about your feelings, its just they keep forgetting your feelings exist.

Why is Aries crazy?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac—in other words, the baby. Like a baby, Aries individuals can be huge crybabies when they dont get what they want, and they have to constantly be the center of attention. Theyre prone to wailing and screaming incomprehensibly.

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