Question: What is a spark when dating?

“The attraction may be physical or mental. It can be their sense of humor, their smile, or the way they move. The spark lets you know something special is happening in relation to this individual.” So, how do you know if you and your date are both feeling the spark?

What is a spark in a relationship?

A spark – that intense, immediate reaction when you first met your partner – is what got you both together in the first place, and maintaining that spark is the key to keeping relationships vibrant.

What is having a spark?

A spark is that crave of wanting to be together at all times. A spark is when there actually is a spark and charm around the couple. When there is energy around them, and everyone around you can notice it. A spark is where you could be soulmates, where there is unconditional love.

How important is a spark in relationship?

Spark gives that connection with the other person. It gives a sense of wanting to be with that person. And after the initial lust phase in any relationship, spark will fade away. But it is love which will hold the two together.

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