Question: How do you meet someone in law school?

Can you date someone in law school?

It would be fair to say that dating in law school is certainly not impossible, whether it be with a fellow law student or a non-law student. While it may be hard to imagine with the excessive workload, there is always time for a little bit of romance. You may just have to make the time.

What should I ask for in law admissions?

Questions for Law StudentsWhy did you choose this school?Whats the student community like?What do you like best about the school?What do you most dislike about the school?What do you wish you had known before applying?What do you wish you had known before starting your 1L year?More items

Is there an interview for law school?

Law school interviews are not uncommon. In fact, most schools only offer interviews on a limited basis. So if youre offered an interview, be sure to take it. Being offered an interview at a law school means that youre in a review group which is a way for admissions to distinguish the applicants.

What questions should I ask at a law fair?

Having done your research now is your chance to ask us questions: How much client contact do you get as a trainee? Are there secondment opportunities? What is your work/life balance like? Since the start of my training contract, I have attended law fairs, careers fairs and spotlight events representing Burges Salmon.

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