Question: Who has Cody Simpson dated?

In addition to Cyrus, Simpson previously dated Gigi Hadid, Lindsay Lohans younger sister Ali in 2018, and was rumored to be dating Kylie Jenner back in 2011. He is currently in a relationship with model Marloes Phtevens, whom he began dating five months after his split from Cyrus.

Who Cody Simpson dated?

After years of being close friends, Cody Simpson dated Miley Cyrus for 10 months before they called it quits. However, shes far from the first A-lister the singer has been romantically linked to. Since he became famous, his list of celebrity exes includes model Gigi Hadid and makeup mogul Kylie Jenner.

What happened to Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson?

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpsons romance ended in August, just shy of one year after they started dating in October 2019. The two were initially amicable, with Cyrus explaining the situation on her Instagram Live. She said at the time: It came out that me and my boyfriend have broken up.

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