Question: How do you wire a light switch and outlet in the same box?

Connecting Separate Devices in a Double-Gang Box The same three options exist when wiring separate devices. To have the switch control just the outlet, connect the hot circuit wire to one of the switch terminals, and then connect the other switch terminal to the brass terminal on the outlet with a short jumper wire.

Can you wire lights and outlets together?

Yes, if you want, you can use separate circuits for your outlets and lights. In this process usually, a 15 amp circuit is used for lighting. For the outlets, you can use a 20 amp one. You can use 12 gauge wires for your lights on both the 20 and 15 amp circuits.

How do I separate the outlet from the light switch?

Your choices are to run a separate line from the electrical box to the outlet, or run a separate line from the hot lines in the light switch box to the outlet. One tip is to make a little drawing of what is connected to what as you take things apart, even tagging wires with labels if you need to.

How do you wire a light switch and plug combo?

0:355:11Wire Combo Switch Outlet with Constant Power to Outlet VideoYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThe two white wires from the power and the light fixture wire tie them together and Ive also addedMoreThe two white wires from the power and the light fixture wire tie them together and Ive also added a pigtail wire. Again a white wire with a loop at the end of it.

Should lights and outlets be on separate circuits?

Generally a properly wired home should have dedicated lighting circuits that are apart from receptacles. Overloaded neutrals are fire hazards.

How do you make an outlet without a switch?

For the outlet to be a permanently on, non-switch circuit, you need to bypass the switch. As @JimmyFix-It has said, you need to tie the Red wire and the Black Wires (Live) together. That Red wire goes to the Outlets. The White wire provides the Neutral return from the outlet.

How do you wire up a light switch?

3:366:07How to Wire a Light Switch - YouTubeYouTube

Does it matter which wire goes on a switch?

1 Answer. Unless the new dimmer is specifically marked with LINE and LOAD or similar, it doesnt matter which wire goes to which screw/pigtail in a simple two wire switch or dimmer. Since your new switch can be used as a three way, the instructions should say which screw should not be used.

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