Question: What language do Hmong speak?

What language do most Hmong speak?

Demystifying the complex Hmong languageHmong Daw (also called White Miao orHmong Der),Mong Njua (also called Blue or Green Miao orMong Leng),Dananshan (Standard Chinese Miao). Hmong Daw and Mong Njua are the two major dialects spoken by Hmong Americans.

Is Hmong a difficult language?

Hmong is one of the hardest languages to learn because its a tonal language, she said. A lot of Westerners have a hard time speaking Mandarin because its four tones. With Hmong, you double those, so its eight tones. A tonal language is one in which the meaning of a word changes based on the tone of voice used.

Is Hmong language Chinese?

Hmong is part of the Chuanqiandian Cluster, a branch of the Chinese Miao language. More than 2.7 million people speak Hmong worldwide.

Is Hmong language similar to Vietnamese?

The Hmong language is a “tonal” language, similar to those of China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.

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