Question: Who is the husband of Yuval Harari?

Harari and Itzik Yahav, 43, who is his manager, have been together since 2002 and married in Toronto in 2010.

How many Sapiens book sold?

The Vintage editions of Sapiens have now sold 1.2 million copies worldwide in all formats. Homo Deus has sold 550,000 copies and counting. Sapiens has been in the non-fiction paperback bestseller list since May 2015 and is currently at no.

Where did Yuval Noah Harari go to school?

Jesus College1998–2002 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem1996–1998The Hebrew University of Jerusalem1993–1996 Yuval Noah Harari/Education

Is Yuval an Israeli name?

Yuval (Hebrew: יוּבָל‎) is a Hebrew first name. It means stream, brook, or tributary. In the Hebrew Bible, Yuval (also Jubal) was the son of Lamech and Adah, a brother of Jabal, a descendant of Cain.

What ethnicity is Yuval?

Yuval Noah HarariHarari in 2017Born24 February 1976 Kiryat Atta, IsraelNationalityIsraeliAlma materHebrew University of Jerusalem Jesus College, Oxford11 more rows

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