Question: Who does Rachel end up dating in Glee?

Who does Rachel end up with on Glee?

For six years, fans had heard Rachel tell everyone how she was born for the stage and dreamed of being on Broadway. Despite the emotional journey, Rachel eventually ended up achieving her ambitions and even won a Tony. Rachel also seemed happily married to Jesse and was still close friends with Kurt and Blaine.

Do Rachel and puck end up together?

Though they are not together, Puck is seen to believe he and Rachel have a strong connection, saying that they are both hot jews. Rachel-Puck RelationshipDating Status:Not dating, broke up in Mash-Up, made out in Special Education, Friends7 more rows

Who is Rachels love interest in Glee?

Glee has added two new cast members for its fourth season. Terra Nova actor Dean Geyer will play Brody, a handsome older student at NYADA who shows an interest in Rachel (Lea Michele), TVLine reports.

Does Rachel fall in love with Will?

Rachel sometimes believes that Will is just out to ruin her life or ruin her star chances. However, Rachel develops a quite large crush on him for most of the episode Ballad. She realizes this when they sing Endless Love together.

How old is Zack and Rachel angels of death?

However, there has been controversies about the ship regarding Rachel and Zacks age gap (~7 years, Rachel is 13 and Zack is assumed to be about 20), particularly when the ship is shipped romantically or even just platonically. In the manga it is shown for the two to be more intimate in the last final scenes.

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