Question: What attracts a Scorpio man to a Gemini woman?

When a Gemini woman is around a Scorpio man, its her intelligence catching his attention. Additionally, he also feels attracted to her positive curiosity and airy charm.

Can a Scorpio man fall in love with a Gemini woman?

Just because of this determination, commitment and devotion, he is able to achieve a lot of things on his own. Thus, the love compatibility between Scorpio man and Gemini woman, will be favorable initially, which may fade away due to fear and lack of understanding.

Why are Scorpios attracted to Gemini?

Youre both looking for a deeper, magnetic connection. These signs both prioritize connecting on a deeper, more intimate level. Geminis are attracted to those that can teach them something, and Scorpios have an unlimited amount of hidden gems to reveal.

Why is Scorpio a bad match for Gemini?

These zodiac signs are different in countless ways. Scorpio desires a connection so deep that it feels as though the rest of the world disappears when theyre together. Scorpios possessive nature may leave Gemini feeling smothered, while Geminis flightiness may leave Scorpio feeling insecure.

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