Question: Who is the best matchmaker for men in Phoenix?

How much does Arizona Matchmakers cost?

Basic service starts at $895 a month, and VIDAs VIP matchmaking packages start at just $1,595 a month.

Where can I meet older men in Phoenix?

Best bars for mature singles in Phoenix, AZThe Little Woody. 5.8 mi. 251 reviews. MercBar. 5.0 mi. 254 reviews. The Lost Leaf. 0.9 mi. 333 reviews. Linger Longer Lounge. 6.1 mi. 212 reviews. Blue Martini Lounge. 17.1 mi. 419 reviews. Valley Bar. 0.4 mi. 423 reviews. Cactus Jacks Bar & Grill. 8.4 mi. 85 reviews. Durants. 2.2 mi.More items

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