Question: Where is Comic Con in San Diego?

Where is Comic Con held in San Diego?

San Diego Convention Center San Diego Comic-ConGenreMultigenreVenueSan Diego Convention Center (main) Downtown San Diego (various)Location(s)San Diego, CaliforniaCountryUnited States9 more rows

How do you get into San Diego Comic Con?

Sign up for a Member ID on the Comic Con website. All interested parties must have an ID in order to even be in the running for an event badge. Once youve got yours, youll be sent a registration code, along with a private link where you can purchase badges.

Will there be a San Diego Comic Con 2021?

However, Comic-Con@Home will return as an online event on July 23-25, 2021. This fall were planning a smaller, supplemental event were calling Comic-Con Special Edition, taking place on November 26-28, 2021.

Where is Comic Con 2020 held?

San Diego Convention Center 2020 Comic-Con International: San Diego/Location

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