Question: Which is the best website for a pilot?

What is the best app for pilots?

Top 10 Pilot Apps You Need to Know About AeroWeather Pro. Air Navigation Pro. Airports. CloudAhoy. FAA Airplane Flying Manual. FBO Fuel Prices. FlightPlan. LogTen Pro X: the Pilot Logbook.More items

Which country has the best pilot?

Official IGC Pilot Ranking ListPositionCountry1-Germany2-Poland3-Czech Republic4-Great Britain35 more rows

What weather apps do pilots use?

Here are our top 10 weather apps for pilots:Weekend Flyer. Thunderly. WINDY. CloudTopper. METARs Aviation Weather. WeatherSpork. Station Weather Sometimes though you just need a quick glance at the latest radar imagery, or view the updated METAR to see how things are trending. RadarScope.More items •20 May 2020

What flight app do pilots use?

CloudAhoy. CloudAhoy is a great app for flight instruction and post-flight de-briefing. When the app is open, it will track all the details of your flight (location, altitude and speed), before creating an easy-to-read flight log. Pilots can then review their flight in real-time using Google Earth, or an aviation chart

How do pilots check the weather?

Pilots access whether via websites, radio & telephone briefing services, radio broadcasts, pilot reports, satellite and weather radar imagery, and their own eyesight. Knowing the actual and forecast weather conditions allows pilots & air traffic controllers to make decisions regarding flight safety.

Where do pilots get weather reports?

The most used website is the Aviation Weather Centre from NOAA (Link). This website uses all the weather data gathered by NOAA and puts it into dozens of formats covering all the US and at all altitudes. It is used by all kinds of pilots whether they are flying a hang glider or a Boeing 747!

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