Question: Is lady friend the same as girlfriend?

Girlfriend implies a commitment to her and is pretty specific. Lady friend might just be a female friend, or a girl who a boy is just sleeping with. Girlfriend is specific, lady friend is vague. A man may have one girlfriend, but many lady friends.

What does lady friend mean?

1 : a female friend no other relatives … no lady friend with whom you could stay— William Black less a secretary than an intimate lady friend— H. J. Laski. 2 : a mans female companion soldiers, and bankers, and their wives and lady friends — New Yorker spending the day at the beach with his lady friend.

What is a gentleman friend?

1 : a womans male friend. 2 : a frequent or regular male companion in a romantic or sexual relationship.

Is friends a noun or verb?

As detailed above, friend can be a verb or a noun. Noun usage: The Automobile Association is every motorists friend. Noun usage: The police is every law abiding citizens friend. Noun usage: a friend of a friend.

What is another word for gentlemen?

synonyms for of his of honor.polished man.refined man.

What is the verb of friendship?

befriend. (transitive) To become a friend of, to make friends with.

What is a flirty girl?

Flirty, or flirtatious, is variously defined as inclined to flirt, playful allure, arousing sexual interest and showing sexual attraction that isnt meant to be serious. If you have a flirty personality, you enjoy flirting and could flirt to break the ice with someone.

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