Question: What do brides in Iran expect from their husbands?

What is a marriage gift in Iran?

It is customary to bring a gift to a Persian wedding, even if the couple opted out of having a wedding registry. A monetary gift or gold coins are appropriate gifts.

How does marriage work in Iran?

In Iranian culture, procreation is a primary goal of marriage. It has been reported that about 2 percent of all divorces in Iran occur because one spouse is unable to have children (Aghajanian 1986). The choice of a spouse in traditional families is often made or supervised by parents and older family members.

Who pays for wedding in Iran?

Grooms family is expected to pay for all expenses and if they can not, they will be looked down at. The higher the status and social standing of the bride, the more lavish will be the banquets and the presents, especially the jewelry. An elaborate wedding in Iran presently costs around a hundred thousand dollars.

Is Arranged Marriage common in Iran?

3.1. 1 Arranged/ forced marriages still occur in Iran although these are rare within the urban areas and more likely to occur in rural areas. In general there is a very low risk to girls/women being forced to marry someone they havent agreed to.

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