Question: How long after a breakup can you get tinder?

How soon after a breakup should you start Tinder?

According to Yates, the right time to start using apps like Tinder is precisely when you dont feel you need to. I think the best indication is when you feel happy with yourself and your life as it is, without the need to be going on Tinder and dating, she says.

Should I use dating apps after breakup?

The rule of time. Some trust that there is an acceptable time to hop back on the apps, and it has to do with how long you were with your ex. “[A less-than] six-month relationship, Id only wait two weeks!

Are dating apps bad after a breakup?

When youre ready On Reddit thread r/relationships one user asked: “How long is acceptable to wait to download [a dating app] after a breakup?” The top answer read, “Acceptable: immediately. This sentiment is echoed by dating and relationship coach Iona Yeung. “There is no set time to get back in, Yeung told Punkee.

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