Question: Can a sober person date someone who drinks?

Once youre in a steady relationship, set boundaries and pick your battles. Unless you want to drastically reduce potential matches, youre probably going to date someone who drinks. While it can take some getting used to—and take a little more forethought—sober dating is just regular dating.

Can a non drinker dating a drinker?

Dating a non-drinker might feel different, but its not an impossible challenge. And its important to remember that the challenge is much bigger for them than for you. Telling someone you dont drink, especially in a situation where thats the expected norm, takes real courage.

Can a relationship survive sobriety?

Youre sober—and the relationship you were in before you got clean has somehow survived. There are no statistics on how many relationships stay intact while one partner hits bottom and then gets sober, but its clear that many couples are able to do just that.

What are the effects of secondhand drinking?

Specifically, the effects of secondhand drinking include abuse and harassment, financial issues, accidents, property damage, relationship problems, domestic violence, and the psychological consequences of growing up with an alcoholic parent.

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