Question: How can you tell if someone is online POF?

If youre interested in finding out whether a member of POF is online and you have a free account, youll need to look for them in the search bar and sort with the “Last Visit” option. There youll be able to see four possible options: Online Now. Online Today.

Can you hide that youre online on POF?

How to NOT Show you are ONLINE on [Method #1 | Updated 2021] Log into Plenty Of Fish. At the top of the page click My Profile . Check the appropriate option button either hide or unhide your Plenty Of Fish profiles visiblility to other members.

What does the orange circle mean on POF?

Orange means online recently and hovering over the orange badge will give you more info: either last half hour, last hour, today, yesterday, this week or in the last month.

What do the Coloured dots mean on POF?

Green means that they are online and yellow means that they are an upgraded member (ie have paid for an upgrade so they get a few extras-these will be detailed in the site blurb.) Hth. 02/11/2015 16:58 INeverFinishAnythi. Green doesnt mean online.

What is the green dot on Plenty of Fish?

Green dot: Green dot in POF means that the person youre currently messaging with is online. Yellow dot: Means that the person is not on the application. However, sometimes it indicates that the person was online recently.

How long does POF show you online for?

Online Last 30 Days. If the last time they were online is not shown it means it has been over 30 days since they were last online.

What does green dot mean on Ashley?

Ashley Madison provides users along with types of filters and notifications to help keep you as much as date about other users. The green dot on Ashley Madison means an individual is online. This means an individual is actively logged into Ashley Madison and it is speaking or searching the internet site.

Does POF tell you last online?

Some people may feel that showing your last login in the search results invades their privacy. Unfortunately, this data is not something you can hide from others. POF uses this data to let others know if someone has been active on the platform recently.

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