Question: How many English speaking girls are there in Ecuador?

How many Ecuadorians speak English?

I would say about 60%-70% can speak it fluently as a second language. Almost everyone understands basic English. They speak a little like the British, which was a curiosity to me, but then it was a former colony.

Is English spoken in Ecuador?

Ecuadors official language is Spanish, and there are more than 30 native languages still spoken throughout the country. People in Quito are usually very amiable, and even though English is spoken in most restaurants and hotels, speaking a bit of Spanish will still give you a taste of our culture.

Spanish The most widely spoken language in Ecuador is Spanish, more than 2.3 million use it as their primary language. Besides Spanish, there are about 24 other indigenous languages also in use here.

What are 3 languages spoken in Ecuador?

Spanish, the official language of Ecuador, is spoken throughout the country, although for many indigenous people it is their second language. Various dialects of Quechua are spoken in the highlands, while in Amazonía several indigenous languages are spoken, including Kichwa, Shuar and Wao.

What is Ecuadors religion?

Roman Catholic Roman Catholic is the most common religion affiliation in Ecuador. In a survey carried out between July and August of 2018, almost 75 percent of Ecuadorian respondents claimed to be of catholic faith, whereas the second most chosen religion was Evangelism, with 15 percent of the people interviewed.

Is Ecuador a 1st world country?

The term First World was first used during the Cold War. This term was originally used to describe countries aligned with NATO and were opponents of the Soviet Union .First World Countries 2021.CountryHuman Development Index2021 PopulationEcuador0.75217,888,475China0.7521,444,216,107Ukraine0.75143,466,819Peru0.7533,359,418152 more rows

How do you say sorry in Ecuador?

Without doubt the Ecuadorians are the most outgoing, warm and welcoming people in all of South America .Basic expressions / Common Words.UsaEspagnolSorryPerdónGoodbyeAdiosWelcomeBienvenidaThank you (very much)Muchas gracias9 more rows

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