Question: How do I contact Classic FM by phone?

If you prefer to speak to us – the team are here to help on 0333 200 2000, or you can contact them via Twitter and Instagram on @GlobalSupport.

What is Classic FM number?

100-102 FM Listen to Classic FM on DAB Digital or FM Radio You can select Classic FM on DAB digital radio, or listen via 100-102 FM.

What is the address of Classic FM?

Contact Classic FMPostal address30 Leicester Square London WC2H 7LAOfficial websiteclassicfm.comWikipediaClassic_FM_(UK)Main emailfirstname.lastname@global.com1 more row

Does it cost to text Classic FM?

Every time you send a text, you pay your phone network a fee for doing so. Thats why we say “standard network rate”, so that you know that your phone company may impose an additional cost on top of what weve told you youll pay for the text.

Who Won Classic FM Hall of Fame 2019?

Ralph Vaughan Williams Previous top threeYearFirstThird2017Ralph Vaughan Williams – The Lark AscendingRalph Vaughan Williams – Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis2018Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – 1812 OvertureRalph Vaughan Williams – The Lark Ascending2019Ralph Vaughan Williams – The Lark AscendingEdward Elgar – Enigma Variations202022 more rows

What time does Classic FM Hall of Fame finish?

Join Alan for three hours of the best music, including a Great British Discovery, his Gardening Tip and the Hall of Fame Hour from 9-10am. The much-loved presenter is the perfect companion to your morning. Accompany your afternoon with wonderful classical music, courtesy of Alexander Armstrong.

Beethoven beats Mozart to the top spot as the most popular Classic FM composer of 2019. For four days over the Easter weekend, we celebrated the 24th annual Hall of Fame – the worlds largest poll of your classical music tastes. Now, results show that Beethoven has been voted the most popular composer of all time.

What was the top Classic FM Hall of Fame?

The Lark Ascending tops worlds biggest poll of classical music tastes for eleventh year. The nation has spoken – here are the UKs 300 favourite pieces of classical music, as voted for in the Classic FM Hall of Fame 2021.

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