Question: Did Tracy from Jerseylicious get divorced?

A delighted lady has celebrated after finally getting a divorce from her husband, noting she is very relieved. Tracy with her three beautiful angels. I decided (after many many sad twists of events) that I would be better for them if I removed myself from this marriage and filed for divorce.

Is Tracy and Corey still together?

Tracy DiMarco-Epstein in 2010 vs. The former reality TV star married Cory Epstein in 2013 and has since become a mother to three children, daughters Skylar and Jayden and son Julian. Shes a partner at a boutique called Princess Armor and a full-time mommy.

What happened to Tracys husband?

The husband of Jerseylicious reality TV hottie Tracy DiMarco was among 21 people pinched for dealing pain meds and other drugs on Staten Island, authorities said Monday.

Who is Gigi from jerseylicious dating?

Gianelle Gigi Liscio is a young hairdresser who wants to be married, with a perfect husband and adorable kids. Gigi has recently got back together with her boyfriend Duck after from didnt work orange after they tried being friends.

What are the stars of jerseylicious doing now?

The cast of Jerseylicious Gayle Giacomo still runs the Gatsby Salon with her daughter Christy Pereira and recently launched Gatsby TV on YouTube. Hairstylist Tracy DiMarco-Epstein welcomed a daughter, Skylar, with her husband and is expecting another baby, and runs an online clothing boutique Princess Armor.

Who is Alexa from jerseylicious married to?

Danny Zieglerm. 2011 Alexa Prisco/Spouse

Is Glam Fairy still in business?

After expanding her business into many divisions such as Glamology, Glammypuss Photo, The Glam Fairy Academy, Bridal Makeup, etc. we now have an official Glam Fairy Headquarters to call our home, namely, The Glam Factory.

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