Question: Who is Danielle married to on American Pickers?

Who is Jeremy Scheuch?

Who is Jeremy Scheuch? Scheuch describes himself on his website as a semi-retired artist living in Puerto Rico via Chicago and Kansas City. His Instagram is full of tropical photos as well as his dogs, Muriel and Azrael.

Did American Pickers split?

American Pickers breakup: Danielle Colby truly saddened by Frank Fritzs departure. “American Pickers” star Danielle Colby said Monday she is “truly saddened” by picker Frank Fritzs exit from the show and she hopes he “receives all the help he needs.”

Is Danielle Colby still married?

Did Danielle Colby get engaged? After her divorce from Strong, Colby eventually married Alexandre De Meyer, a French designer, in 2015. However, the two separated two years later. On July 20, 2021, The Sun reported that Colby quietly divorced Meyer and is now engaged to longtime boyfriend, Jeremy Scheuch.

Who is Jeremy on American Pickers?

Jeremy Scheuch American Pickers: Meet Danielle Colbys Fiancée Jeremy Scheuch. Danielle Colby has wedding bells in her future as the “American Pickers” star recently announced her engagement to Jeremy Scheuch. The two have been together for six years. However, this wont be her first time tying the knot.

Is Danielle still part of American Pickers?

American Pickers Danielle Colby saddened by Frank Fritzs exit from show, hopes he gets help. The shows shop manager broke her silence after History Channel confirmed the longtime cohost wouldnt be returning.

Is Frank on American Pickers still alive?

Did Frank from American Pickers die? The stars disappearance from the show brought about rumours that he was dead. In the last season, his sudden weight loss also brought about these claims, not to mention the health issues that he has been facing. However, Frank is alive and kicking.

How much does Danielle from American Pickers make per episode?

Danielle, in her smaller role, makes about $15,000 for each episode of American Pickers she appears in, and though there isnt much information available for Lauren, its safe to assume she gets paid at a rate on par with Danielles.

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