Question: Why is Byron Bay so popular?

Byron Bay is famous for its unique ambience, which is a big part of the “Byron” feeling. Blend in the amazingly relaxed atmosphere, The Byron Bay locals as well as the many Pubs & Clubs in Byron Bay and bustling live music scene, its hard NOT to have a good time in Bryon Bay!

Why is Byron Bay important?

Byron Bay, town, northeastern New South Wales, Australia. The town is situated on Cape Byron, which shelters Byron Bay and is the easternmost point of the Australian mainland, Byron Bay is one of Australias best-known beach towns and is a major tourist destination. It was declared a town in 1896 and a shire in 1906.

How cold does Byron Bay get?

Winters are not cold with daily maximums usually reaching a pleasant 19.4 degrees Celsius (66° Fahrenheit) and a minimum of 11 ºC (52 ° Fahrenheit). Byron Bay is the ideal beach holiday destination. In general it is a pleasant place to be. Winters are mainly dry and sunny.

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