Question: What happens to Wei Shen after Sleeping Dogs?

Despite being an undercover officer, Jiang ordered the Sun On Yee to leave Shen be since his actions were loyal and benefited her. Shen was now free to resume his life as a cop in Hong Kong.

How did Mimi Shen die?

She was unable to combat her drug habit and continued to associate with criminals and drug dealers. She became affiliated with a drug dealer, Ming Ming Trin, who supplied her with a lethal dose of heroin which led to her death.

Is Wei Shen a good guy?

Wei Shen, like other attractive male protagonists, can be a good looking guy who kicks ass, gets the job done, and never appears to be weak.

How tall is Wei Shen sleeping dogs?

Wei ShenAge28 (2012)Birthday1984SexMaleHeight58” (173 cm)5 more rows

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