Question: What makes a person such an awkward person?

People who are consistently socially awkward have certain traits in common, Dr. Socially awkward individuals: Fail to notice minor social expectations. Find routine social situations difficult to traverse.

What causes a person to be awkward?

Just like any other mental health conditions, social awkwardness is likely to arise from a complex interaction of biological and environmental factors. Some of the most common causes for this include inherited traits, brain structure, and the environment. Feeling nervous or uncomfortable in social situations.

What does it mean when someone is being awkward?

The definition of awkward is someone who is clumsy or a situation which is uncomfortable. A person who is uncoordinated is an example of a person who is awkward. If you are with someone and neither of you can think of anything to say, that is an example of an awkward silence.

Is being awkward genetic?

In fact, the average person exhibits 32 percent of the characteristics associated with being socially awkward. Tashiro explains that being awkward may be in your genes. Its estimated that its 50 percent inheritable in boys and 38 percent inheritable in girls.

Is there a disorder for being socially awkward?

Avoidant personality disorder is characterized by feelings of extreme social inhibition, inadequacy, and sensitivity to negative criticism and rejection. Yet the symptoms involve more than simply being shy or socially awkward.

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