Question: How many members can you explore in Hi5?

Is Hi5 still a thing?

Frequently reported as being one of the worlds top social networks between 2006-2008, Hi5 offered simple functionality which proved extremely popular. 3 identities later, Hi5 still operates quietly today and is owned by IF(WE), formerly known as Tagged.

How old is Hi5 app?

18 or older It is targeted to users that are interested in flirting, dating, and making new friends. In order to join hi5, users must be age 18 or older ScreenshotLaunchedJune 27, 2004Current statusActive8 more rows

Who is the CEO of Team Edge?

Joey Edge - Joey Edge - CEO - TEAM EDGE, LLC | LinkedIn.

Did Matthias and Tanner quit get good gaming?

Matthias and Tanner will no longer be main talent in the videos on Get Good Gaming, though they directed fans to the OVERKILL channel. There is a likeliness for VR content to appear on Get Good Gaming in the future.

Where is Hi5 located?

San Francisco hi5 is an American social networking service based in San Francisco, California.

Why did Matthias quit Team Edge?

Team Edge originally had Matthias as a main talent until he left to focus more on other channels content in Hi5 Studios, leaving Bobby to fill his shoes in the Team Edge endeavor.

Are team Edge brothers?

The TE trio is actually a band of brothers. Matthias and J-Fred are brothers biologically, and Bryan is married to their older sister, Sarah, making him their brother-in-law.

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