Question: Is BBM app shutting down?

BBM, the chat app on BlackBerry phones, is finally shutting down. A decade after its heyday, and after years of trying to lure people back into the once hugely popular messaging service, the company has conceded defeat and will shut it off.

Can you still use BBM?

On April 18, 2019, BBM announced that they will discontinue the BBM for consumer service globally on May 31 that year (users can switch to a paid BBMe, the enterprise version of the messenger).

Does BBM still work in 2020?

Its important to note, BBM will still exist and BlackBerry today revealed a plan to open its enterprise-version of BBM to general consumers. As explained by BlackBerry, BBMe features end-to-end encryption: BBMe can be downloaded on any device that uses Android, iOS, Windows or MAC operating systems.

Is BBM shutting down 2019?

Citing the highly competitive and “very fluid” world of messaging tech, Emtek said that “in spite of our substantial efforts, users have moved on to other platforms, while new users proved difficult to sign on.” As a result, it will be closing down the consumer BBM service. Thatll happen on May 31, 2019.

What happened BlackBerry?

In 2015, BlackBerry re-focused its business strategy and began to release Android-based smartphones, beginning with the BlackBerry Priv slider and then the BlackBerry DTEK50. On September 28, 2016, BlackBerry announced it would cease designing its own phones in favor of licensing to partners.

Will BlackBerry ever make phones again?

The BlackBerry brand will be back with a 5G keyboard phone A new BlackBerry handset will launch in 2021. BlackBerry released one Android phone – the Priv – and then stopped making phones. TCL then bought rights to release BlackBerry-branded phones to give us 2017s KeyOne and then 2018s Key2, an even better sequel.

Which came first BBM or WhatsApp?

In late 2008, 4 million people used BBM. Two years later the number reached 28 million, and by September 2011, it was 60 million.

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