Question: How do you deal with your parents dating after divorce?

Spend time with your mom or dad away from their new relationship. Remind them, in a nice way, that you still want some time alone with them and ask if they would be willing to do that with you. If your parents new dating interest makes you feel unsafe let your parent know that.

How do I deal with my parents dating?

TipsKeep the lines of communication open. When youre feeling angry or hurt, it can be really easy to shut your mom out. To keep your relationship strong, keep talking. Open up to the person your mom is dating. If she seems to be getting serious with someone, try talking to them about your feelings.

What do you do when your dad gets a new girlfriend?

Keep living your life.Spend time with your friends. Dealing with your dads girlfriend can be stressful. Find a new hobby. Having a new focus in your life can help take your mind off of your worries.Try out for a sports team or join a club at school. Make a list of the good things in your life.

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