Question: Why did Delta and Brian break up?

The engaged pair split after seven years and she said she “learnt the hard way” that it was the wrong relationship. Delta, 36, said: “I cant help but think that being with a guy who wasnt right for me at that time had an effect on my career.”

Who did Delta Goodrem marry?

In May 2011, Goodrem started dating Nick Jonas. They broke up in February 2012. Goodrem has been in a relationship with fellow musician Matthew Copley since late 2017.

Who is Delta dating 2020?

Delta Goodrems boyfriend, Matthew Copley, has finally spoken about his romance with the pop songstress. While he usually appears quietly alongside the blonde beauty as her guitarist, Matthew piped up when asked about dating Delta, 36, during the couples appearance together on the Kyle and Jackie O show on Friday.

Who is Delta Goodrem dating 2021?

Taking their love to new heights! Delta Goodrem and her very tall long-term boyfriend Matt Copley put on a rare PDA show as they head out for brunch in Melbourne. Theyre rarely seen out in public together.

How old is Delta Goodrem now?

36 years (November 9, 1984) Delta Goodrem/Age Delta Goodrem has rarely put a foot wrong when it comes to looking chic at events throughout her career. And it seems that even in her down time, the 36-year-old is always in style as she stepped out for Easter lunch on Friday.

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