Question: Where does the thermostat wire connect to?

The green wire underneath your thermostat connects to the fan of your furnace or air handler. It terminates at the air handler or furnace. The green wire connects to terminal G on your thermostat.

What do the wires mean on thermostat?

Rh stands for Red-Heat and Rc stands for Red-Cool. If you only have a single red wire the jumper between Rh and Rc are required for some heating and cooling hybrid systems depending on your thermostat. Yellow/Y is the AC compressor. White/W is the Heating element. Green/G runs the fan.

Where do thermostat wires go on furnace?

If your system has a C-wire, it might be in use or just tucked away behind your current thermostat. If your system doesnt have a C-wire, youll need to run a new cable from your furnace to your thermostat to install most of the modern smart thermostat models.

What are the red and white wires on a thermostat?

This is the most common type of thermostat wiring, and it covers systems that control both heat and air-conditioning. The usual arrangement of the wires is: red for 24-volt hot, white for heat, yellow for cooling, green for the fan, and blue for common (although the common wire may be another color).

How do I connect 4 wires to my Honeywell thermostat?

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How do you wire a thermostat to a furnace?

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Where does the e wire go on a Honeywell thermostat?

The E terminal has a back-up heat source. If you have a heat pump package unit, the E terminal should be wired directly to the heating relay or the stripboard of the air handler.

Where do you connect the common wire on a furnace?

3:176:13How to Connect an Unused C Wire (Common Wire) - YouTubeYouTube

What does white wire mean on thermostat?

heat Here is the industry standard thermostat wire color code used for most systems: White. The white wire connects to your heat. Yellow. The yellow wire connects to your compressor.

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