Question: Is PenPalWorld safe?

PenPalWorld is much more than the best social networking and they are the only ones out there that care about their users safety and privacy. If you are looking for PenPals or just new friends then PenPalWorld is the best and the safest place to do so.

What is PenPalWorld?

Pen Pal - noun - a person you come to know by frequent friendly correspondence. PenPal World - website - a place where you can meet over 2,800,000 pen pals from every country on the planet.

What is the safest way to find a PenPal?

Here are ten websites you can join to find your pen pal:InterPals.Global Penfriends.Conversation Exchange.HelloTalk.PenpalsNow.Penpal Party.My Language Exchange.Polyglot Club.More items

How often should you write to your PenPal?

Could be daily, could be more, could be weekly. I make an effort to reply within 72 hours. not anymore, by email of course, the conversation went good for a few days then fizzled out after that. It depends a lot but in my case I usually reply once a week.

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