Question: Is it hard to date a farmer?

If you are the least bit co-dependent, dating a farmer will be the hardest relationship you will ever have. They work long hours, miss lots of suppers (or dinners), and rely on you to be independent and get things done while they are gone.

Do farmers have down time?

We do get a little down time, for the farm at least, during the fall and winter months. Thats when Farmer Doc does maintenance on the equipment and fences. It is much easier to attach this to the back of the tractor and use it to dig a row of fence post holes than to dig them each by hand!

Which model is marrying a farmer?

When Sally Urwin married a farmer, she had visions of harvest picnics in our stubble fields in lovely sunshine, with apple-cheeked children wearing tasteful Boden clothes . . .

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