Question: Who is the boss of Classic FM?

The company is led by Founder and Executive President, Ashley Tabor, Global Group CEO, Stephen Miron and Director of Broadcasting, Richard Park.

Is Classic FM part of BBC?

Classic FM (styled as Classic fM) is one of the United Kingdoms three Independent National Radio stations and is owned and operated by Global. The station broadcasts classical music .Classic FM (UK)ProgrammingLinksWebsiteclassicfm.com12 more rows

How much does Ross Stevenson get paid?

Forget the rumour about the $1 million contract - 3AWs Ross Stevenson could be the Ten Million Dollar Man. The countrys highest-rating breakfast host, credited with 3AWs enduring success, has signed a seven-year contract an industry source says could be worth $10 million, including salary and ratings incentives.

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