Question: Who did Sophie Turner date before Joe Jonas?

Who has she dated in the past? Sophies first celebrity boyfriend was the lead guitarist from The Vamps, James McVey.

Who did Sophie Turner date before Joe?

9 Sophie Dated James McVey - 2014 The only confirmed relationship Sophie Turner had before Joe Jonas was her relationship with James McVay which was back in 2014. He is the guitarist from a band called The Vamps.

Did Sophie Turner date anyone from Got?

yes Sophie Turner/Has Current Partner

What is the age difference between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner?

March 2019 Sophie also commented on her age difference with Joe—shes 23 and Joe is 30—but she doesnt really think much of it.

Who was Joe Jonas first girlfriend?

actress Ashley Greene He started dating actress Ashley Greene in summer 2010. They broke up in March 2011. He then dated graphic designer Blanda Eggenschwiler from 2012 to 2014. Jonas and model Gigi Hadid dated for five months in 2015.

Are Sophie Turner and Maisie still friends?

The pair have been close friends for years Although Maisie didnt reference her current relationship with Sophie, she did say that the X-Men star was her “favourite person” on the set of the fantasy series, explaining: “She played my sister so we were like sisters.

What is Maisie Williams doing right now?

Williams is a global ambassador and campaigner for dolphin trainer Ric OBarrys Dolphin Project, taking part in protests against dolphin hunts. In April 2021, H&M the second largest international fashion retailer in the world announced Maisie Williams as its global sustainability ambassador.

Is Zack Morris mixed race?

Then, he continued to surprise the audience: People dont know that Zack Morris is half-Asian! He continued to say that his Asian ancestry was the reason he had to get his hair dyed repeatedly to play Zack, adding that his hairstyle changed each season because the production team was also so certain that the show

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