Question: Does Peterson make good pipes?

Peterson of Dublin remains, after nearly 150 years, one of the most beloved tobacco pipe makers in the world--and with good reason. Peterson pipes are made to consistently high standards at prices that are accessible to the every man. Every pipe smoker has their own favorite series and/or models.

Are Peterson system pipes good?

The Peterson System is the standard bearer of the Peterson pipe family famous for the unexcelled smoking pleasure it provides. A good popular quality briar. Often imitated but never equalled the Peterson System smokes dry cool and sweet thanks to the scientific effectiveness of the original design.

Why do pipe smokers live longer?

So what does that mean, their study was using a mortality ratio of 1.0 as the mortality ratio for a non-smoker, and what they found is that pipe smokers that dont inhale have a slightly lower mortality ratio which means that they live slightly longer.

What is the best pipe tobacco for a beginner?

The always recommended for new smokers, Lane 1Q. Pipeworks & Wilke has very good aromatic blends. Amphora Full Red if you want a bit of the tobacco to start to shine through, and Amphora Black Cavendish, for bit less tobacco taste than Full Red but less sweet than some other aros.

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