Question: EliteSingles

Can you cancel elite singles at any time?

If you purchased your Premium subscription through your Android mobile app, you can only cancel through Google Play.

Can you use elite singles without paying?

Yes, Elite Singles is Free! Elite Singles is one of those free-to-join, no-pressure-to-commit dating sites where singles can get the lay of the land without paying anything. You can create a dating profile right now and figure out if its really the right site for you.

How do I delete elite singles?

0:000:40How to delete an Elite Singles account permanently - YouTubeYouTube

Is elite singles better than Zoosk?

As an elite dating service, EliteSingles has a higher than average price tag attached to it. Zoosk prices start at $12.49 per month, making it a lot cheaper than EliteSingles. As Zoosk also offers smart matching technology, we think this site wins this round on value for money.

Does EliteSingles cost anything?

Elite Singles membership costs: 3-month membership: $57.95 / month. 6-month membership: $44.95 / month. 12-month membership: $31.95 / month.

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