Question: Is Eva Longoria in a relationship?

Eva Longoria on Her Boyfriend: Theres Just So Much Happiness and Joy In My Life Eva Longoria couldnt be happier about life with boyfriend Jose Antonio Baston.

What happened to Ann ANTM?

Ann Ward is now an artist. After leaving the show, Ward did have a number of modeling campaigns and runway appearances. However, Ward, now 29, seems to have turned her attention to her art. According to the former models Instagram page, she was recently working as a concept artist, character designer, and animator.

Are Eva and Ann still friends ANTM?

Were still Ann and Eva, even though weve had some marriage problems.

Who won Cycle 16 of ANTM?

Brittani Kline Americas Next Top Model- Season 16/Winners Brittani Kline (Cycle 16) THEN: Brittani Kline, who was 19 at the time, won big in 2011, taking home the title of Top Model during the shows 16th cycle. Born in Pennsylvania, she topped runners-up Molly OConnell and Hannah Jones. NOW: Currently under Roman management and Premiere Models, Kline is actively modeling.

Did any of Americas Next Top Models make it big?

Despite all of Tyra Banks promises, very few models from Americas Next Top Model actually saw success in the fashion world after the show. Surprisingly, some of the most successful contestants werent even winners, which shows just how poor of a job the show actually did of finding “top” models.

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