Question: Who is the GF of Ishan Kishan?

India vs Sri Lanka: Meet Ishan Kishans girlfriend Aditi Hundia, the hot supermodel India opener is allegedly dating. Ishan has also been picked for the Sri Lanka and it will be a good opportunity for Mumbai Indians player to showcase his skills and cement his place.

Are Ishan Kishan and Aditi dating?

Ishan Kishans rumoured girlfriend Apart from his flamboyant batting, the Jharkhand cricketer also remains in news for his off-field life. The left-handed batsman is rumoured to be dating model and former Miss India finalist Aditi Hundia.

What is the salary of Ishan Kishan?

Ishan Kishan Net Worth 2021NameIshan KishanProfessionCricketerNet Worth (2021)$3 MillionNet Worth (Indian Rupees)22 Crore RupeesMonthly Income & Salary20 Lakh +4 more rows•9 Aug 2021

Who is the boyfriend of Aditi hundia?

Aditis Boyfriends Name is Ishan Kishan. She was born and raised up in Jaipur, Rajasthan. She is very popular on Social Media and Aditi looks very stunning in all photos of her. .

What is the present age of Ishan Kishan?

23 Years, 0 Months, 31 Days IndiaFull name:Ishan Pranav Kumar Pandey KishanBorn:July 18, 1998, Patna, BiharCurrent age:23 Years, 0 Months, 31 DaysMajor Teams:India, East Zone, India A, India B, India Blue, Indian Board Presidents XI, India Red, Rest of India, Mumbai Indians, India Under-19, Jharkhand, Gujarat Lions, India C,

Is Ishan Kishan birthday today?

Ishan Kishan celebrates his 23rd birthday on July 18.

When was Ishan Kishan born?

July 18, 1998 (age 23 years) Ishan Kishan/Date of birth

Where is Ishan Kishan home?

India national cricket teamWicket-keeper Mumbai IndiansWicket-keeperJharkhand cricket teamWicket-keeper Ishan Kishan/Current teams

Where did Ishan Kishan born?

Patna, India Ishan Kishan/Place of birth

Who is the Sixer King of cricket?

Rohit Sharma Rohit Sharma – 244 Indian opener Rohit Sharma can be crowned as the Sixer King among the current generation of players. He has hit 244 sixes and 832 fours in his career so far.

Where are from Ishan Kishan?

Patna, India Ishan Kishan/Place of birth

Who is the Sixer King in t20?

Most sixes in T20Is listPlayerInnsSixesMartin Guptill98147Rohit Sharma103133Eoin Morgan97113Colin Munro621071 more row•May 30, 2021

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