Question: How to date a Yoruba man in Nigeria?

How do you identify a Yoruba demon?

5 ways to spot a Yoruba demon Slick tongue. Yoruba demons have a way with words. Good dressers. Yoruba demons know how to slay and dress to kill. Late replies. Yoruba demons are masters of deception on instant messaging apps. Surrounded by beautiful women. Never picks up his phone.Nov 13, 2017

Why are Yorubas called demons?

Yoruba demon is a slang for a young man, typically of Yoruba descent who has the uncanny gift to effortlessly make ladies fall for them very easily. Yoruba demons are typically associated with wedding parties (Owanbe); they are usually the grooms men or friends of the groom.

What are the Yoruba famous for?

The Yoruba have traditionally been among the most skilled and productive craftsmen of Africa. They worked at such trades as blacksmithing, weaving, leatherworking, glassmaking, and ivory and wood carving.

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