Question: Who was Ben 10s first crush?

Elena Validus She is mentioned by Gwen as Bens first crush, though this contradicts what was seen in the original series, as Ben met Elena when he was thirteen, while he met Kai when he was ten, but Kai never actually liked Ben.

Who did Ben 10 get married to?

Background. Some time between Ben 10,000 and Ken 10, Kai married Ben 10,000 and had a son, Ken Tennyson, and a daughter, Gwendolyn Tennyson.

Who is the last villain in BEN 10?

Vilgax Vilgax is the main antagonist of the Ben 10 franchise. He is a tyrannical alien overlord, a Chimera Sui Generis galactic conqueror, the supreme ruler of his planet Vilgaxia and the archenemy of Ben Tennyson, whom he desires to destroy.

Who is Kevins dad in BEN 10?

Devin Levin Devin Levin was a false memory planted in Max Tennysons mind by Servantis. He was supposedly Kevins father and Maxs partner.

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