Question: Is Worthing beach nice?

Can I visit Worthing Beach?

Worthings seafront is based around its Historic Pier, which was opened on 12 April 1862 and remains open to this day.

Are there toilets at Lancing Beach?

Great local beach. Love Lancing Beach with its easy parking at £1.50 per day , lovely new toilets, ice cream kiosk and the Perch Cafe. Nearby there are some refurbished public toilets so no worries on that score for your visit.

Can you swim in Shoreham Beach?

If you dont like watersports, there are some really lovely secluded swimming spots along the coast on Shoreham Beach, which are pretty much deserted, even in peak summer.

Are toilets open in Worthing today?

Our normal opening hours for public toilets, unless stated otherwise, are: Summer: (1st April to 30th September) 9am to 9pm. Winter: (1st October to 31st March) 9am to 5pm.

Are there toilets at Shoreham Beach?

Are there toilets by the beach? Yes, there are a number of facilities along the promenade.

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