Question: Can you date Elizabeth p3?

Elizabeth takes a larger role in the updated release of Persona 3 FES. The protagonist can date Elizabeth, however, she is not a Social Link. As the protagonist dates her, Elizabeth becomes interested in the protagonist, moreover towards the culture of the outside world.

Who can you date in P3?

Persona 3: A Guide To Every Possible Romance1 Mitsuru Kirijo. Mitsurus Social Link isnt all that hard to access with one exception.2 Yukari Takeba. 3 Akihiko Sanada. 4 Aigis. 5 Shinjiro Aragaki. 6 Fuuka Yamagishi. 7 Ken Amada. 8 Elizabeth. More items •Jul 15, 2019

Is P3 The answer canon?

Nope. The Answer was only brought about to cloud the minds of the masses into thinking that they knew the truth about what happened with the Male P3 MC. And finally that brief reference as to how Rise of P4 was actually in P3 now comes into fruition with the release of Persona 3 PSP and a new Female MC.

Can you date multiple girls in p3?

You can, if you are careful, date up to 3 girls at a time. But, its best to only have one girl serious about you at a time.

Is p3 The answer worth playing?

It depends how much you like Mass Destruction. I thought The Answer was fine. If what you enjoyed was the main characters and want to get some more interactions and development, I think its worth it. Theres no social links though and youll spend most of the time dungeon crawling.

How long is p3 FES?

approximately 30 hours The gameplay is approximately 30 hours long, and has Aigis be the playable character in place of the protagonist.

Can you max out all confidants in Persona 3?

Yes, but dont bother. Itll just be a major pain if you try to max every s. link in your first playthrough. Just save it for NG+ when you start out with max stats, assuming you max them out the first time, that is.

Where is Elizabeth p3?

Elizabeth is one of the mysterious characters introduced in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. Being a resident of the Velvet Room, she resides with her master, Igor, who is in charge of fusing Personae for the protagonist, while she is responsible for watching over the Persona Compendium.

Whats the name of water high in calcium and magnesium persona?

Hard water is water that has high mineral content (in contrast with soft water). Hard water is formed when water percolates through deposits of limestone, chalk or gypsum which are largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates and sulfates.

How long is P3 The answer?

About 30 About 30 in length – no measly amount – “The Answer” answers some of the questions raised by the main games ending, and also includes more in-depth explorations of the characters pasts.

What is P3 The answer?

Persona 3 FES is an enhanced rerelease of Persona 3 for the PlayStation 2. It contains an estimated 30 additional hours of gameplay over the original Persona 3, most of which comes in the form of an epilogue called The Answer, also known as Episode Aegis in the Japanese version.

How long does it take to beat p3?

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 — 87 Hours.

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