Question: Whats the opposite of a Catch 22?

Whats another way of saying catch-22?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for catch-22, like: gordian-knot, chicken-and-egg, paradox, predicament, between-a-rock-and-a-hard-place, dilemma, no-win-situation, quagmire, spot, peej and lose-lose.

What does the expression catch-22 mean?

1 : a problematic situation for which the only solution is denied by a circumstance inherent in the problem or by a rule the show-business catch-22—no work unless you have an agent, no agent unless youve worked— Mary Murphy also : the circumstance or rule that denies a solution.

Is it catch 21 or 22?

There are no catches 1 to 21, or 23 onwards, in the book. There was only one catch and that was Catch-22. Like the final commandment left at the end of Animal Farm, Catch-22 is an entire rule-book distilled into one lunatic decree.

What does catch-22 mean in a relationship?

Catch-22 situations are defined by mutually conflicting conditions on both sides of the situation, which keeps someone trapped in the status quo.

What is the Catch-22 rule?

The Collins English Dictionary defines a catch-22 as follows: “If you describe a situation as a catch-22, you mean it is an impossible situation because you cannot do one thing until you do another thing, but you cannot do the second thing until you do the first thing.”

How do you win a no-win situation?

So one way you can “win” in an unwinnable situation is simply to leave the field altogether, to refuse to engage others in a situation offering no acceptable alternative. To protect your integrity (which, finally, may be your most precious asset), you choose not to comply with either unacceptable option.

What does Kobayashi Maru mean in Japanese?

little wooden boat In Japanese kobayashi maru can be translated as little wooden boat, an apt metaphor for its defenceless nature.

Whats a word for a lose-lose situation?

What is another word for lose-lose?no-win situationquandarypicklejamspotpredicamentcornerholebindmire81 more rows

Whats a lose-lose situation called?

A no-win situation, also called a “lose-lose situation”, is one where a person has choices, but no choice leads to a net gain. For example, if an executioner offers the condemned the choice of death by being hanged, shot, or poisoned, all choices lead to death; the condemned is in a no-win situation.

How did Kirk cheat on the Kobayashi Maru?

Kirk was the only cadet in Starfleet history to ever beat the Kobayashi Maru — by reprogramming the simulation so that it was possible to win.

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