Question: When did Charlotte and Gaz start dating?

Geordie Shore originals Charlotte and Gaz had an on/off relationship on the MTV show but started dating outside of the house in 2015.

How long was Gaz and Charlotte together?

Charlotte and Gaz had an on-off relationship until eventually splitting for good in 2016. CBB winner Charlotte, 26, described that year as the most traumatic and saw her suffer a painful ectopic pregnancy in April before the pair called time on their romance.

Do Gaz and Charlotte get together in season 11?

It was thought their relationship was over forever and since the return of series 11, with Gaz very much still loved up and Charlotte single but not ready to mingle, there has been no signs of romance.

How long was Charlotte with Mitch?

It looks like the reality TV star and Mitch are now officially an item with Charlotte speaking to The Sun about their reconciliation. We did finish for five months. But I never stopped caring about him revealed the 24-year-old.

Does Charlotte get back with Mitch?

Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has reunited with ex-boyfriend Mitch Jenkins. Charlotte recently spoke to The Star about her appearance on Ex on the Beach alongside Geordie Shore co-star Gaz Beadle saying she didnt expect to see him. I was laughing when I was in the water.

When did Charlotte Crosby break up with Mitch?

Charlotte Crosbys ex-boyfriends: Mitch The pair split up in December 2014, after Mitch dumped poor Char by text, but were back on by the January, with the two of them jetting of to New York to mark their reunion properly.

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