Question: Can you date everyone in boyfriend dungeon?

Boyfriend Dungeon goes against the genre standard. I liked how Boyfriend Dungeon doesnt lock you into one romance; you can date everyone if thats your style. I enjoyed getting to know a slew of different people but settled on K-pop idol Seven.

How do you meet Rowan in BF dungeon?

In order to meet Rowan for the first time, go to the Mansion by the road north of town after attending Jesses BBQ and receiving texts from your cousin. After that you will receive a slip of paper from Rowan in a few days, and you need to solve their riddle before you can go on your first date.

How many dungeons is BF dungeon?

Indie game “Boyfriend Dungeon” manages to re-create those awkward yet exciting sensations virtually with a cast of seven characters whom you can date and fight alongside in a series of (read: exactly two) dungeons. “Boyfriend Dungeon” is both a dating simulator and a dungeon crawler.

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