Question: Who all has Shakira dated?

Who are Shakira exes?

Shakiras Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History: 5 Fast Facts You Need to KnowShakira Has Been in a Relationship With Gerard Pique Since 2011. Shakiras Ex-Boyfriend Antonio de la Rúa Sued Her for $100 Million & Lost. Shakira Dated Puerto Rican Actor Osvaldo Ríos From 1996-1997.More items •2 Feb 2020

Who was Shakira engaged to?

Antonio de la RúaBornAntonio de la Rúa Pertiné March 7, 1974 Córdoba, ArgentinaOccupationLawyerPartner(s)Shakira (2000–2010) Daniela Ramos (2012–2019)Children22 more rows

How many times Shakira been married?

Piqué is Shakiras second serious partner. Shakira and Gerard arent married, as Shakira has said before, we have never been a traditional couple.” The two never got married because they see no reason in it as the two are partners for life and they live a happy life with two children.

Who is Shakiras first husband?

2 (2005), She Wolf (2009) and Shakira (2014) were all certified gold, platinum, or multi-platinum in various countries worldwide .ShakiraYears active1990–presentOrganizationBarefoot FoundationPartner(s)Antonio de la Rúa (2000–2010) Gerard Piqué (2011–present)Children210 more rows

Was Shakira ever married to a prince?

“I got my own prince,” she gushed — referring, of course, to her beau Gerard Piqué. This is hardly the first time the singer, 39, has raved about her soccer-playing partner, 29.

Why did Shakira get a divorce?

According the the MailOnline, the pair are no longer living together, and the singer was the one to instigate the split. A source told the Spanish publication, Cotilleo: Its something serious and she has been the one who has finally made the decision. [She] could no longer cope with the situation.

Is Shakira a trained dancer?

Shakira is known for her dance moves (her hips dont lie!), and thats a huge part of her workouts with Kaiser. She can do things I couldnt do in a million years, because shes classically trained in belly dancing. Its really fun to see her make things her own and take it up a notch.

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