Question: Which is the best banner for a dating site?

Which is the best banner?

If you want to know which banners are the most commonly used across the web, this guide is for you.300×250 Medium Rectangle Ad.300×250 in-app Medium Rectangle Banner.728×90 Leaderboard Banner.Flygbussarna Leaderboard Banner.Wide Skyscraper Banner.A Wide Skyscraper Banner from Marshall on Buzzfeed.More items •8 Jul 2021

What is standard size for a banner?

Standard Vinyl Banner Sizes2 Feet3 Feet4 Feet2 x 123 x 124 x 122 x 163 x 164 x 162 x 203 x 204 x 202 x 253 x 254 x 254 more rows•25 Jun 2018

How much should I charge for banner ads?

You can charge X dollars per month, per ad, with X being equal to your daily visitors count divided by ten. So if you get 500 visitors per day, you can expect to make $50 per banner ad.

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