Question: How does reactive attachment disorder affect relationships?

Individuals with RAD will often struggle in relationships with others because of the following: They have little emotional investment in others. They are reluctant to share their feelings with others. They avoid physical intimacy.

Can people with reactive attachment disorder love?

They can struggle with anger problems and might be paranoid or feel like other people dont care about them. They may have a resistance to receiving and giving love even though they strongly crave that affection. Adults living with reactive attachment disorder often feel that they dont belong and feel misunderstood.

How does reactive attachment disorder affect the family?

Children with RAD often have trouble managing their emotions. They struggle to form meaningful connections with other people. Children with RAD rarely seek or show signs of comfort and may seem almost fearful of their caretakers, even in situations where the current parent figures seem quite loving and caring.

What are the effects of reactive attachment disorder?

They may experience low self-esteem and lack basic social skills. They may act distant or aloof, further isolating themselves from others. The multiple effects of Reactive Attachment Disorder may also lead to sleep problems, academic issues, and even depression and other anxiety disorders.

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