Question: Where can I meet people on Maui?

How do I make friends on Maui?

The absolute best way to make friends in Hawaii is to get involved in things you enjoy. There are a wide range of clubs and groups that make it easy to find and make friends including canoeing, hiking, pickleball, softball, yoga or just social groups. Facebook Groups are also another great option to find new friends.

Where is Oprahs home in Maui?

Oprah is perhaps the most famous celebrity that lives on Maui. She purchased the Thompson Ranch, a historic piece of property on Mount Haleakala with panoramic views of the ocean and the central valley of Maui.

Does Maui have a Walmart?

The shopping hub of the island is in Central Maui near Wailuku and Kahului. Here you will find the big-box grocery stores like Walmart, Costco, and Target. You will also find the health-conscious grocery stores like Down to Earth and Whole Foods.

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