Question: How should a shy girl approach a guy?

Do guys like if girl is shy with them?

Some men adore shy women, and they think that they are so cute. When a girl is a bit shy, it gives her an endearing quality that many men will find to be irresistible. A man might like being the one to take charge in a relationship. With outgoing girls, a guy might not always feel like he is the one taking the lead.

How do you approach a shy guy?

Tips for Approaching Shy GuysWatch Out for Signs Indicating His Interest. You will have to watch out for signs that show they have a love interest in you. Understand His Behavior. Flirt With Him. Let Him Know You Are Interested. Initiate the First Date if He Does Not. Be Patient.15 Sep 2014

How do you let a guy know you like him if your shy?

Start by being subtle and dropping hints that you like him, especially if you dont know him well. Try less scary ways of showing your feelings, like giving him a note. If he doesnt get it or you know him well, then try telling him in person. Even as a shy person, you can communicate how you feel.

What to say to your crush if you are shy?

Start with a simple hello. Once you feel more confident, ask people how they are doing. Eventually, youll gain enough courage to talk to your crush! You dont have to say hello. You can use another greeting that comes more naturally to you, such as hi! or hey!

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